Research & Development » Our strategy

KLON’s strategy is based on research and development of new techniques and knowledge for the agro-forestry sector.

Under this strategy, and combining its technological competence with strong market knowledge, KLON seeks to develop advanced technologies of plant breeding, adding value to cultures and answers in to the forest industry and its derivatives.

KLON intends to make available to the market, a portfolio of high added value products, namely:

-      Tissue culture derived plants and seedlings of various species, with superior quality, according to the requirements and needs of the clients;

-      Genetically selected plants for forest deployments with increased productivity and sustainable production;

-      Preserved germplasm of improved plants.

With respect to our services, we highlight an expert advice on plant cloning and genotyping technologies, strongly directed to the forestry industry, including the timber, pulp and paper, resin and energy sectors.